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Card Processing rates

Low rates, big savings

Global Payments has partnered with bira to deliver innovative solutions and preferential rates, specifically designed to save small businesses money.

How you'll benefit
As one of the leading worldwide providers of payment technology services, approved service provider Global Payments has partnered with bira to deliver innovative solutions and preferential rates, specifically designed to save small businesses money.
  • Rates as low as 0.890% (subject to ATV and turnover)
  • No authorisation fee
  • Next day crediting* with cleared funds if you bank with HSBC Bank plc
  • A simplified fee matrix for bira members
  • No joining or setup fee (normally £150)
  • 3 month’s FREE terminal rental for new members to the scheme
  • Monthly terminal rental @ £12.95 + VAT
  • Access to cashback facility

Thanks to the buying power our collective strength gives us, members can access competitive card rates usually reserved for larger turnover businesses therefore helping you to bring down the cost of your credit and debit card processing.

Our range of slick, unobtrusive and easy-to-use terminals, including static, portable, and mobile, help you create great customer experience. Enabling your customers to pay for goods and services quickly and easily, they also help cut queues. With contactless technology and acceptance of all major card brands as standard, our feature-rich terminals have integrated solutions, which can be tailored to your needs, so you can run your business smoothly. We enable acceptance of all the major global card brands*, giving your business access to a payment method that is fast, convenient and secure, and trusted by customers worldwide.

It’s quick and as easy as “tap and go”: all your customer needs to do is touch their contactless device on the terminal/Contactless reader and the payment is then taken in seconds. This means the customer will checkout in a fraction of the ti­­me, compared to standard Chip and Pin transactions.

You can accept payments up to the £30 contactless limit where your customer uses a contactless card, sticker/key fob or wearable (wristbands, jewellery and clothing).

There’s no limit where your customer uses a digital wallet, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay, on a mobile phone or smart-watch. These payments, greater than the £30 limit for contactless cards are known as High Value Payment (HVP). They’re protected by the card-holder verifying themselves on their device, using a fingerprint or device PIN.

Did you know that non-EU customers who buy from you could claim back their VAT? And have you thought what a boost that could provide to your business?

When a visitor from outside the European Union spends more than £30 on one transaction in the UK, he or she may qualify for a tax (VAT) refund. It makes the net price to an overseas cardholder, taking into account the refund, more attractive. If you often sell to overseas visitors then it’s a competitive advantage you can’t afford to ignore.

Accept cards from around the world with Global Payments

Never turn away a customer, Global Payments’ terminals allow you to accept cards from all around the globe including UnionPay from China and cards on the Discover Global Network: Discover, Diners Club International, BC Global Card, RuPay and DinaCard.

Make shopping more appealing for your international customers by offering them the option to pay in their own currency and you could earn additional revenue in the process.

HomeCurrencyPay (HCP) is Global Payments’ Dynamic Currency Conversion service which provides international cardholders with the opportunity to pay for Mastercard and Visa purchases in their home currency, whilst you as the merchant are still credited in full, in Sterling. HCP is free of charge to you and easy to use: the HCP software will automatically offer your international customers the option to pay in their home currency when they pay using a supported foreign card.

Start saving money on card processing today

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“The Credit Card scheme through bira membership has been hassle free for us and we receive much better rates than a small shop like ours would normally get.”

Andrew Burrows, Daw’s Pets and Gardens (PPRA)