21 Apr 2022

Bira is happy to support the Which? Freedom to Pay campaign

Last year Bira signed up for the Freedom to Pay campaign which supports access to cash in the retail sector and the local communities. 

Which? have been campaigning to protect people's cash since 2017, and recently called on their campaign supporters to write to their MP to outline their concerns with lost access to cash in their community. 24,000 people took the action, which far exceeded expectations and highlighted widespread concern for the issue.

We’re very pleased to show our continued support for the pledge this year, by signing our name on the letter to be the voice on behalf of small and independent businesses, which is being sent to MP John Glen on Friday 22nd April.

The Freedom to Pay campaign is a very important campaign to us and the retail sector for many reasons, being:

  • Cash helps protect the more vulnerable in our communities, and independent retailers understand and have been known to help local communities
  • Some vulnerable people don’t own smartphones and e-wallets
  • Cards and e-wallets are often refused, and without retailers accepting cash, customers won’t be able to buy goods in emergencies
  • Customers may not want to use contactless or cards in general, as they are worried over the safety of their money
  • Some customers may not have much cash in the bank and limited overdrafts, and heavily rely on cash
  • Independent retailers play a key role in the importance of recycling cash in the community
  • Cash is a more economical method of payment for retailers to accept over cards

In a survey we sent to our members last year, a majority of our members told us they still accept cash payments and they will also continue to do so.

SurveyMonkey Analyze  Bira Finance Survey

SurveyMonkey Analyze  Bira Finance Survey 1

See the letter being sent to MP John Glen here

Read more about the Which? Freedom to Pay campaign here

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