These are unprecedented times, causing new problems and as such the Rainy Day Trust are responding to meet those changes with their Covid-19 Support Package.

In this changing time, the Rainy Day Trust’s sole aim is to get you through it, back on your feet and earning again.

We are now 6 weeks into lockdown and it seems that any lifting of travel restrictions will be gradual and phased to prevent a second spike in infections. As each week passes, finances for everyone are coming under increasing strain, so the help that they are able to give becomes increasingly more important. But it isn’t simply a case of making a financial grant.

The lockdown, and lack of social contact causes a lot of other associated problems, not least to our mental health, so their support is aimed at tackling those as well. Their Covid-19 package of help consists of:

  1. A grant of £250 to keep food on the table, followed by a second grant of £250 four weeks later.
  2. Free online welfare benefits checker which is completely up to date on government benefits including the help available to the self-employed and company directors.
  3. Free debt advice to tackle those debt issues early before they get out of hand.
  4. Free legal advice because you never know how the change in environment is going to affect you.
  5. Free telephone counselling. As time progresses, the nation is building up mental health problems. Telephone counselling can help tackle those issues.
  6. Free training while you are furloughed. Build your skills so that when you get back to work, you are more ‘employable’.


Don’t think that you can’t apply because you have earned too much in the past.  It’s your financial position now that matters. It is about dealing with a short-term need, not necessarily looking at the year as a whole.  If you have needs now, give the Rainy Day Trust a call on 0203 192 0486.

Their welfare benefits checker can be found here.

They can work alongside businesses to help furloughed staff or those on zero hours contracts.  Bring them in early and they can help you to support your staff as things get back to normal.

Please spread the word to your staff that may be affected, suppliers and customers. Their job is to help people through this crisis and that is exactly what they will do.


Go to the welfare benefits checker