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Sustainability in retail

What does going green mean for your retail business?

With sea levels rising, rainfall patterns changing, storm strengths increasing and huge forest fires more prevalent, we have never been more aware that action is needed to save our planet. Reducing the impact of your retail business on the environment is one way to help our planet. It has also the added benefits of reducing costs, as well as increasing efficiency.

Here are some ideas which might help your business get greener:

  • offer eco-friendly products
  • minimize packaging
  • reduce waste - recycle paper, plastic and glass
  • use biodegradable displays or containers
  • offer recycling or buyback scheme for your product
  • offset your business' carbon emissions
  • use renewable energy to power your shops and offices

Going green is not a quick fix, and it requires dedication and determination. But the effort can be beneficial for your business reputation and revenue, as more and more consumers choose brands that contribute towards a clean environment.

Cycle to Work

We’ve partnered with member organisation Cycles UK to give all Bira members a special discount on bikes under the Cycle to Work Scheme which promotes healthier journeys to and from work and helps reduce environmental pollution.


Find out more here

Exclusive discounts on electric cars

The Government aim to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, so embrace the change and make your next vehicle electric at an exclusive discounted price on top automotive brands through Bira Vehicles Affinity Partnerships.

Discover Bira Vehicles discounts on Electric Vehicles

electric car

We all have a role to play, including Bira.

Bira recognises the negative effects that businesses can have on the environment. We aim to continuously review our work practices and those of the people we work with, as well as aiming to provide our members and the wider independent retail sector with the support and advice needed to minimise their own impact on our environment.

That’s why we’re committed to abiding by our business Sustainability Policy


 Read our Sustainability Policy

#BeatTheReceipt’s Paperless Pledge

The UK’s retailers commit to #BeatTheReceipt’s Paperless Pledge, to reduce the amount of paper wasted in retail. The British Independent Retailers Association are supporting this campaign encouraging independent retailers to sign the pledge. By signing the pledge, retailers commit to making paper receipts fully optional in their stores by 2023. Currently, most tills will automatically print a paper receipt, regardless of whether the customer wants or needs one. #BeatTheReceipt is calling on retailers to turn off automatic printing before 2023, and only print one when requested. 

Find out more here

The Sustainable Business Podcast

We are proud sponsors of The Sustainable Business Podcast, have a listen below

Want to get involved in the podcast? Contact Hellen on Instagram or Twitter

Make some easy changes to your business to become more sustainable

Read our a beginner’s guide to building a greener business

If you sell eco-friendly products, let your customers know!

Download your free poster here


Discover some of our sustainable Bira Direct Suppliers


Reportedly, when choosing between products and brands, 84 percent of Gen Z consumers will choose the one that has the greater social or environmental benefit. And purpose and sustainability are only trending upward in importance. Suppliers are offering more environmentally-friendly products. By selling these in your business you are spreading the message to your customers. Bira Direct has a range of suppliers with products made from recycled materials, as well as energy-efficient items.

Ecoriginals UK

World's greenest nappies & wipes

World-leading eco diapers/nappies made from more than 90% natural materials and 100% home-compostable luxury wipes, offering uncompromising quality for health-conscious parents' environment.


Find out more about Ecoriginals UK

W'air Sustainable Clothing Care Ltd

Sustainable fabric care

3-in-1, sustainable clothing care device that tackles the things most washing machines can’t handle. Using a fraction of the water, energy and detergent of conventional laundry, w’air removes stains, deep cleans delicates and refreshes lightly worn clothes between washes.

Find out more about W'air

T&G Woodware

Sustainable wooden houseware products 

Established in 1975, T&G's mission is to design, produce and responsibly source, exceptional quality kitchenware products and gifts that withstand the demands of real life. With a portfolio of over 500 products and many items being sustainable, T&G is able to offer a choice of storage, serving, preparation and seasoning items for the kitchen. 

Find out more about T&G Woodware

Black + Blum

Goodbye plastic, you won't be missed!

Black + Blum are an award-winning design company that doesn't like plastic, producing collections of food and drink on-the-go products from sustainable materials.


Find out more about Black+Blum


The UK's largest own-brand plastic-free wholesaler.

ecoLiving is the leader in manufacturing, designing and creating 100% plastic-free, zero waste, vegan household products. All products are manufactured responsibly and in the UK or EU.


Find out more about ecoLiving

SES Creative

100% Carbon Neutral Toy Manufacturer

SES Creative is proud to manufacture its own products. Most noticeably we are 100% Carbon Neutral and all our products are clearly marked with this message. However, we also offer other added benefits such as gluten-free products and PVC-free plastic.

Find out more about SES Creative

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